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Newborn photography

The first moments of your baby’s life are special, your family is growing and you don’t want to forget these precious memories, tiny toes and fingernails, long lashes and fresh curls. Our goal is documenting this special time of their life and creates timeless, professional photographed memories that you will cherish forever.

There is quite a lot that goes into newborn photography and you can choose between Fine art photos including special props in our studio or natural photos and neutral colors in the comfort of your home. This helps to create timeless, artistic portraits of your newborn baby.

Having four children themselves, We know how truly important baby photos are and our goal is to make the photography process as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Newborn In Home Session

Did you know that you can create adorable photo memories of your family and your newborn baby right in your own home?

The first sweet moments of getting to know the newest family member, relaxed photography tailored to your baby, without too much posing, spontaneous pictures, kisses, and cute details, yawning, and all sorts of sweet moments... All of this can happen in your home, a familiar and warm environment, the place where your new life adventure begins.

Newborn photography in your home is special because it gives you the opportunity to pause for at least an hour or two and all enjoy each other's company. And the photos are there to remind you, even after a few years, how precious those first shared days were, no matter how chaotic they may seem to us now.

Newborn Fine Art session

We offer photography of newborns with adorable little props in a studio environment and with a special processing style. It is best to do such a session as early as possible, at the latest before the baby is 21 days old. During this period, babies are the sleepiest, it is easier to pose them in baskets and armchairs and wrap them in a scarf, since they are still most comfortable in positions similar to those they had when they were still in the womb.

This is why it is important to book your appointment on time, preferably during pregnancy, because recording the date of birth ensures that the baby will be photographed after it is born. The duration of the photo shoot is from an hour to approximately three hours, as it is adapted to the baby's needs, changing, feeding, sleeping and soothing.

This type of session is ideal for all those who like to pose and want fairy-tale family portraits and the most special baby portraits.

Newborn Lifestyle session

Unlike the Fine Art session, Lifestyle photography can also be arranged with an older baby, since the baby is not wrapped or photographed with props. The emphasis is on spontaneous family moments of love, feeding, cuddling moments and first smiles. 

Lifestyle session is ideal for all those who do not like to pose too much and who need more flexibility, since it can be arranged in our studio or in the warmth of your home.

Maternity session

It's all about capturing a moment of a beautiful change in your body, the miracle of a new life inside you and your pregnancy glow.

You can choose between a studio or outdoor photo shoot.

Baby & Family session

Your newborn baby will change so much in the first year of life, and they will grow to become a kid very quickly. From crawling to sitting, to standing and taking their first steps... 

We are here to capture your child as they grow. There is indoor and outdoor baby and family photography packages.

Let's create lasting memories of your special moments...

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