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Documenting moments of Weddings, Newborn and Family in Istria - Croatia

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This is us! Mirko and Elena. Married couple of photographers, blessed with (so far) four children. We live in Istria, in a house with a large messy yard, overlooking vineyards, olive groves, the sea and our dirty children playing in the garden.


Im 29 years old. I am in love with people in general... With life, with small babies, with the emotions that are born at their birth... and the camera allows me to record all those memories forever.

My clients often say that I am a gentle, patient and calm person. Mirko, of course, only smiles sweetly at all these stories. Whether I'm calm or not, that's me - I like to eat pizza, read bedtime stories to children, run in nature, pick asparagus and plant fruits, vegetables and flowers that I often don't succeed in, but that makes me happy. And my children, of course! I always wanted to have a big family. And here I am now, enjoying the role of mother of four children and wife to the best husband in the whole world.


I am 35 years old, I come from Dalmatia, studied in France but I found peace with my beloved wife in Istria. Of course, my son's name is Duje, it is a traditional Dalmatian name, but that doesn't matter now. I love to eat chocolate, lots of it. And I like to drink coffee (at any time of the day). I like listening to music, play the bass guitar, eat good cheese with even better wine, play football with the kids and make puff pastry cakes.

Im totaly in love of photography! I can't get away from the camera and wherever we go, the camera goes with me (not one, but a backpack full of them!).

We are blessed to capture the most precious moments in our client's lives like a wedding day, pregnancy, the birth of a child and many others family moments.

Every wedding, newborn or family is a unique, so our mission is to capture moments as they come, not as they should be.

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